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Why I Became A BNI® Director Consultant

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I'll never forget that Monday morning waking up thinking "How can I get sustainable business?"
BNI DC Training with Phil Berg

Back in 2016 my business went through a dramatic change.  We went from assisting disaffected secondary school children with their education to B2B training.

I’ll never forget that Monday morning waking up thinking “How can I get sustainable business?” and then I remembered…

My accountant had introduced me to a referral marketing organisation called BNI® several years earlier.

The name is not important, but what it did through its “Givers Gain” philosophy was to help me quickly build relationships with people who I know, like and trust.

Skills Shop’s mission is to be the outsourced training provider of choice for UK SMEs working as an extension to their business, managing and delivering the support and life-changing skills that they need and deserve… and I knew BNI is an integral part of this.

So in June 2019 I undertook Director Launch training in Edinburgh (June 2019) with Phil Berg.  The training has given me additional tools I can use in my business.

But as I live by the givers gain philosophy, I recognised how many businesses in Cumbria could benefit as well.  

This is why I became a BNI Director Consultant.

Because I want to help our Executive Director, Alasdair Ross put BNI Cumbria back on the map so we can grow Cumbrian businesses creating economic growth that benefits owners, staff, families and communities.

To find out more about BNI and how it can help you click on the link below:

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