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Turn Disagreement Into Passion &
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After All, We're All Human

Conflict Management Training (1 Day)

Conflict Can be Emotionally & Economically Draining

Billion Is Spent On Dealing With
Conflict Each Year
Management Days Wasted On Dealing
With A Normal Dispute
Per Cent Of UK Companies Train Staff
On How To Effectively Deal With Conflict

HSE Figures 2017/18

conflict management training course

Creating and maintaining a positive workplace environment and atmosphere is proven to boost staff morale, loyalty and productivity. It also makes your organisation more attractive to potential new recruits.

So when conflicts occur, they cause unwanted disruption, ill-feeling and resentment that has a negative impact on the performance of your operations if left to fester.

Skills Shop will provide you and your staff with the practical skills and techniques to resolve these situations. These skills can also be transferred to other conflict situations, such as client disputes and complaints.

And At The Same Time You’ll Be Rewarded With A Massive Confidence Boost!

But what if when you book on your Conflict Management Training course you could also feel…


Learn the 4 ways people only ever get angry or upset meaning you can start to help immediately .

In Control

Using empathy to help others resolve their differences which will increase staff morale.


About resolving conflict helping your company to increase their reputation and staff retention.


You Should Feel Proud Of Your Certificate
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1095 Days Of Support

Have you noticed with other training companies you do a course and then you don't hear from them for 3 years?

We see your training as just the beginning of our journey which is why you'll receive 1095 of support along with access to our Q & A Hotline.

Conflict Management Training Certificate

3 Month Expiry Notice

So you've framed your certificate and hung it on the wall for all to see knowing that in 3 years time you'll need to re-qualify.

You no longer have to worry about missing a re-qualification as we'll give you 3 month expiry notice ensuring your qualification is always in date.

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  • Estimated Time: 7 hours
  • Certificate Valid for 3 years