Conflict Management Training

Conflict Management Training

Give your staff the skills to build relationships and increase productivity
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Conflict Can be Emotionally & Economically Draining

£ 0 Billion
Is spent on dealing with conflict each year
0 Days
Management days wasted on dealing with a single dispute
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UK companies train staff to deal with conflict

HSE Figures 2017/18

Creating and maintaining a positive workplace environment and atmosphere is proven to boost staff morale, loyalty and productivity. It also makes your organisation more attractive to potential new recruits.

So when conflicts occur, they cause unwanted disruption, ill-feeling and resentment that has a negative impact on the performance of your operations if left to fester.

Skills Shop will provide you and your staff with the practical skills and techniques to resolve these situations. These skills can also be transferred to other conflict situations, such as client disputes and complaints.


conflict management training course

✅ What is conflict management?

✅ Why conflict occurs

✅ Human response to conflict

✅ The assault cycle

✅ Important of communication

✅ Understanding empathy

✅ Conflict management strategies

If you have 6 or more staff that require training enjoy hassle free training at a time that’s convenient for you.

Infection Control Included As Standard