First Aid for Construction

First Aid For Construction Helps You To Keep Staff Safe & Meet Project Deadlines

2 Day First Aid For Construction Course

Including Catastrophic Bleeding As Standard

Construction Remains A High Risk Industry For Injuries

Million Days Lost To Workplace Injuries
Non-Fatal Reported Injuries
Fatal Accidents

Source: HSE Construction Statistics 2018

If you’re in charge of health and safety the one call you never want to make is to a colleagues family to say they’ve been seriously injured at work.

Your workers are the most valuable resource you have and we want to help you keep them safe.

That’s why we’ve created a unique First Aid for Construction course that give your staff the confidence to immediately administer life-saving skills should the worse happen.

How will it feel to be able to put your feet up at the end of the week knowing your staff are in safe hands?

Our expert instructors who’ve worked in the industry will provide your staff with practical-scenario based training ensuring that they leave the course feeling…

construction first aid


As you understand the law that protects you as a first aider so you can perform your responsibilities confidently.


That your casualty is in safe hands as you place them in the recovery position whilst you wait for the ambulance.


That the critical skills you have in administering CPR and using an AED will make a difference to saving a life.



Knowing you can deal with any types of shock you might come across including anaphylaxis.


As you give yourself a big pat on the back knowing that you just saved a person from choking.



Knowing that if someone was to have a minor bleed, burn or seizure you can react immediately.


Not only in your abilities but in comforting someone with head or spinal injuries, fractures, dislocations or embedded objects.


That if your dealing with: electrocution, crush injuries, catastrophic bleeding, or chemical burns you'll be in control.

Warm Inside

That whether you're dealing with the effects of heat or cold your temperature won't go up during the emergency.

You Should Feel Proud Of Your First Aid At Work Certificate And That's Why You'll Receive...

1095 Days Of Support

Have you noticed with other training companies you do a course and then you don't hear from them for 3 years?

We see your training as just the beginning of our journey which is why you'll receive 1095 of support along with access to our Q & A Hotline.

first aid at work certificate

3 Month Expiry Notice

So you've framed your certificate and hung it on the wall for all to see knowing that in 3 years time you'll need to re-qualify.

You no longer have to worry about missing a re-qualification as we'll give you 3 month expiry notice ensuring your qualification is always in date.

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So what are you waiting for?…

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