Stuart Nelson from Hodgson Decorators Case Study

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The reason why I’m writing this article is to let you know our big results when we used Skills Shop for our ‘Emergency First Aid at Work’ training.
Stuart Nelson Hodgsons Decorators

Hi, my name is Stuart Nelson and my company is Hodgson’s Decorators at Unit 4, Beezon Road Trading Estate, Kendal.

What our situation was before the first aid training took place was that I didn’t have anyone at work who was first aid trained and I was worried that if a member of my team or a customer was to be injured or taken ill my team wouldn’t have been trained to deal with it.

Before I chose Skills Shop as our training provider after I met the Skills Shop owner, Phil Newton, through Business Network International (BNI), first aid training wasn’t on my radar because generally we have always done site work where there always had to be a designated first aider on site.

However, over the past couple of years we’ve diversified into the private sector doing a lot more domestic work. In fact, I would say that 90% of our work is now domestic and the majority of this is working in towns and especially in rural in villages and so it’s now essential that we need to have staff who can take care of first aid themselves.

So, we then turned to Phil after listening to how passionate he was about first aid each week at out BNI Kendal networking group meeting. I knew that Skills Shop had the expertise and knowledge to meet our needs and I knew we could use them with confidence.

And things are very different now. The Skills Shop first aid training has made my team more aware of what could go wrong therefore making them more proactive in preventing accidents from occurring on site.

Hodgsons Decorators

And the specific proof of this is since undertaking the training I’ve made sure every one of our vans now has a fully stocked first aid kit so if an incident was to happen my team have the equipment to deal with the emergency.

The Skills Shop experience specifically changed health and safety in our business because Phil made the training really easy. I simply used his online booking system and chose a date within 2 minutes!

The only thing I had to do was pay the invoice 🙂

Plus, the training was interactive and informative and the excellent way the training was delivered made it very easy to relate to real life. In fact, I took a first aid course years ago and remember coming out still being none the wiser. But this certainly wasn’t the case after the Skills Shop training.

Another big benefit of the course was that my team really enjoyed the training and they now have the confidence to deal with any emergency if it was to arise whilst doing a job.

As a positive outcome of the training, I would say that everyone within the construction industry should be made aware that excellent first aid training is out there to be had with Phil and Skills Shop.

I would certainly recommend Skills Shop because of the easy booking system, the informative training sessions and the knowledge and skills that you retain and leave with.

Thank you for the big benefits, Phil, and for allowing me to have the peace of mind to send my staff out to work on construction sites with the confidence and knowledge to keep them safe which is safeguarding their future.

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