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How To Stop Your Baby From Choking

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I froze..thank God she was there!

Meet Sara Pearson, Our Super Hero!

Sara has a son and spends her morning working at Bram Longstaffe Day Nursery (Barrow-in-Furness) looking after pre-school children.  It just so happens that my daughter goes to this amazing nursery as I know she’s in safe hands as Skills Shop (myself personally) have trained all the staff in paediatric first aid.

I often say that I’m not interested in people who wish to do a first aid course simply to tick a box for CPD.  It’s about giving people the life skills to be able to assist someone in an emergency, whether it be in the workplace or outside.

This is exactly what Sara did.

On Tuesday 17th April, Sara took her son to MacDonalds on Dalton Road, Barrow.  They were having an amazing time when a mother sat nearby got up to arrange the pram as her own child was just about finished with her meal.  All of a sudden she realised that her daughter was choking whilst sat in the high chair.  The mother was frantically striking her on the back to dislodge the chip that had got stuck, but it wouldn’t come out.

Sara jumped up and instantly remembered her training.  She got the baby out of the highchair and held them face down so gravity could help.  After a couple of back blows, the chip moved further up the throat so that the mother could hook it out of the mouth.

Thankfully, even with the chip lodged there was still oxygen getting through.

Below is the text of the child’s mum who was obviously so relieved that Sara was there.


What Worries Me

Although I am super proud of Sara remembering her training, the worrying fact is that only one other person got up to help and the MacDonalds staff appeared oblivious to what was going on.  I am a great advocate that first aid should be taught on the national curriculum because if we all grew up knowing first aid then when we become parents we would all have basic knowledge on what to do.

Find Out More

If you want to remove the fear of not knowing what to do if your child was to start choking then book onto our 1 Day Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course by clicking here.

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