Jane Bailey from Westgate Tyres Case Study

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We would recommend Skills Shop to others requiring health and safety training, especially in conflict management.
Jane Bailey - Westgate Tyres, Morecambe

My name is Jane Bailey and my company is Westgate Tyres in Morecambe which I run with my husband Graham.

Jane Bailey - Westgate Tyres, MroecambeI’m writing this article after using Skills Shop for our ‘Conflict Management Training’ course.

I booked the training with Skills Shop because in the previous month we had an irate customer arrive on our premises who was agitated and annoyed because his car had broken down.

Although my staff were being very helpful, unfortunately he didn’t want to listen and then persisted to follow a member of staff around the premises intimidating him.

Although this was a unique one-off incident, my husband Graham and I suddenly feared for the safety of our staff because this untypical incident left our staff not knowing the best way to deal with this kind of customer who had got really worked up through no fault of our service.

So, I wanted to put some training in place that would help our staff and give them confidence to have the knowledge of how to safeguard themselves in any similar challenging situation and to make them realise how their body language could actually de-escalate or even escalate a demanding situation.

It was perfect timing that shortly after this incident, Phil Wilson an employee of Skills Shop came into our garage as a customer and while we were servicing his vehicle, he asked me: “Who does your first aid training?”To which I replied: “Well we’re actually looking for someone at the moment. What do you do?”.

Phil then told us about all the health and safety courses that Skills Shop offer including conflict management training.

I knew immediately this was the perfect solution.

Phil Newton the Managing Director of Skills Shop then contacted me to ask what exactly what we needed, and I told him the story of what had happened. Phil immediately understood our training needs and that we couldn’t afford to close the garage for a day to do the training as the Morecambe Bay community rely on our service to keep them on the road.

Phil said this wasn’t a problem as he could provide Conflict Management Training specifically in with any timing problems we might face while servicing our customers.

The icing on the cake was that Phil agreed to do this training on-site after working hours so it didn’t interfere with our business and to ensure that the incident we had faced would not happen again here at Westgate Tyres.

Westgate Tyres, MroecambeAnd things are very different now…

Since completing the training, our staff now have the knowledge and confidence to keep themselves and their team members safe in any situation that might arise.

They can now spot the signs when someone is going to get aggressive and take steps to de-escalate it before it goes too far. We also have the reassurance and peace of mind that Phil is only at the end of the phone should we need more expert advice on how we should deal with any potential conflict problem more efficiently as our number one priority is safeguarding our staff and customers.

The specific proof of this is since we’ve completed the training we’ve not had another situation that has caused my husband Graham and I to worry when we’re not on the premises and I definitely think this is solely down to our staff being more confident since the training by Skills Shop.

Which means we can now all get on with our work and provide a happy customer service like Graham is doing here in this photo.

Graham Bailey - Westgate Tyres, MroecambeIn fact, we even commissioned Phil to do a specific risk assessment relating to conflict between staff and customers and Phil provided some great advice on simple things we could implement so that our customers are aware of what we expect of them and what they can expect from us.

This has created a really positive environment for everyone.

I can definitely say without any doubt that Skills Shop has specifically changed the nature of health and safety in our business.

That’s because staff are more confident and aware of how to quickly and effectively deal with potential risks that may have been previously overlooked and we now have the reassurance that we have the skills to keep our staff and customers safe.

And our staff would agree with that!

We would recommend Skills Shop to others requiring health and safety training, especially in conflict management.

And as a result, we have just booked our ‘First Aid at Work’ course with the Skills Shop who again are going to deliver this on-site after work so they can make it exactly fit our needs just as Phil pointed out…

“Learning first aid in a classroom isn’t what we’re about”.

I would highly recommend the Skill Shop team to any business and to anyone who deals with customers face-to-face because their courses are delivered at your convenience and bespoke to your needs.

The way the training is delivered is clear to understand and we could instantly take what we had learnt and put it into practice.

Thank you for the big benefits you have provided,Skills Shop. Graham and I can be away from the business with the knowledge and the reassurance that our staff can confidently handle difficult situations in our absence.

This was our biggest fear that, when we were away, a situation could arise, and our staff would be at risk…  But not anymore!

So, I can ‘safely’ say that I would recommend Skills Shop for all your health and safety needs.

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